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Flexible Bendy Soft Pencils


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Made from high quality environment-friendly rubber.
You don’t have to worry about breaking the pencils and making the crumbs everywhere.
These bendy pencils feature exquisite appearance with easy operation,suitable for serving as wonderful gifts,handmade DIY supplies,party decorations,etc.
These soft pencils can be folded,not easy to break.You can use them for writing or making crafts,but they can’t be dedicated to doing homework.
A Best Gift – Such a funny curved pencil will surely surprise the children. Give them a surprise.

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6 in stock

Product Description
Name: bending soft pencil
Weight: 9gpcs
Size: 18cm
Material: soft rubber + Pencil
Features: resistance to fall, bending deformation
From falling or folded into 360 degree rotation or folding are not broken core, easy peeling, not broken, no toner cartridge.
This product is an interesting product, not suitable for long-term writing
Warm reminder – This curved pencil is more like a toy and may not have a better writing experience.

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